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Proactive Maintenance, Safeguarded Supply


Identify Supply Issues in Real Time

Wireless Connectivity to Your Sensor Network

Centralised Alert Systems


Go Monitor supply IoT remote monitoring solutions for utility companies, using the latest technology to upgrade existing IoT networks. Implementing remote monitoring  solutions with Go Monitor can:

  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance visits

  • Dispatch essential maintenance visits when required

  • Prevent mechanical breakdowns

  • Monitor asset utilisation

  • Optimise asset performance

  • Increase residual value/lifespan of assets

  • Visualise large scale networks intuitively

  • Aggregate large datasets from various sources

  • Create customised views with key insights for a variety of stakeholders

  • Deploy proof-of-concept innovation trials rapidly

Go Monitor's utility monitoring solutions can be integrated with existing telemetry infrastructure. As a result, Go Monitor are able to measure and record key parameters from utility service grids and remotely push this data to our Go Monitor Cloud Platform (GMCP). The GMCP can perform detailed analysis to further drive business performance.

Go Monitor's bespoke dashboards provide a unique and configurable portal for our partners and customers, allowing them to make critical business decisions from real-time data provided by end-to-end solutions. 



Go Monitor provides a range of options to capture and visualise key data for our partners.  Our robust and bespoke solutions are tailored with the optimum hardware and cloud platform technologies to support our customers and deliver tangible results. Monitoring a range of utility assets, Go Monitor and our partners can achieve;

Reduced Operating Costs - With powerful insights, owners and operators can make informed decisions with maximum impact. Less callouts, fewer breakdowns, optimal performance and early indication of anomalies.

Reduced Environmental Impact - A finely tuned machine and well informed operating model results in lower emissions and fewer engineer miles.

Fewer Supply Outages - Predictive maintenance allows uptime to be maximised, reducing unplanned downtime and wasted callouts. Ensuring the optimal operating conditions are maintained, utilities can maintain supply at peak efficiency all the time.




Reduce annual energy consumption and maintenance costs within the first year


Improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact across multiple sites 


Reduce unnecessary engineer callouts with advanced equipment monitoring

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