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LoRaWAN Electricity Meter


The GM-EM-1P-DirC-LoRa-MID is an advanced multi-function single phase energy monitoring solution, with a built-in LoRaWAN module that wirelessly transmits data to any LoRaWAN gateway.

The device is easy to install, and can be provided as a pre-configured LoRaWAN network solution, connected to the GOio IoT Platform.

The GM-EM-1P-DirC-LoRa-MID comes with a standard set of payload variables measuring:

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Power Factor

  • Total kWh

  • Frequency


This LoRaWAN device can be used in combination with a wide range of other sensor types, all reporting to the same wireless network within your business. 


Go Monitor can provide standalone gateways for single site coverage, or distributed networks for national and international deployments. Please contact us to discuss your application further.

Connected to the GOio IoT Cloud Platform


Data can be stored in the GOio IoT Cloud Platform for live remote monitoring, historical readings, analytics or event alarms.

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