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Efficient Supply Chains. Reduced Costs


Optimise Supply Chain Management

Improve Environmental Performance 

Increase Uptime & Productivity 

The estimated impact of the IoT in retail will exceed $1.2 trillion per year by 2025. Go Monitor supplies customised IoT solutions to the retail industry, from warehouses to the shop floor. Our approach is designed in partnership with our clients to:


  • Improve retail management and tracking

  • Improve traceability, accountability and efficiency

  • Enhance quality control and assurance through data aggregation and visualisation

  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance visits and unplanned downtime

  • Monitor product performance to minimise substantial losses

  • Analyse stock demand throughout the supply chain

  • Optimise energy consumption and reduce costs

  • Increase residual value of assets

  • Remote alerts in case of theft or emergency

  • Allow real-time asset tracking


Go Monitor's industrial IoT telemetry solutions are easily integrated with any businesses existing retail infrastructure throughout the value chain. Go Monitor are able to measure, monitor and record key parameters from a range of assets and remotely push critical data to the Go Monitor Cloud Platform (GMCP). The GMCP is intuitive to use through our customisable environments and aggregates data from a range of sources to a single dashboard solution. Detailed analysis can then be carried out to support informed business decisions.



Go Monitor provide bespoke and customised IoT solutions in partnership with our clients, to capture, contextualise and visualise key data to make informed business decisions. Go Monitor's IoT solution partners provide access to class leading hardware and sensor solutions to support this vision.  

Optimise Supply Chain - Optimising supply chain management using aggregated data, visualised on Go Monitor's dashboard environment. Understand where and how unnecessary wastage occurs to implement strategic corrective action plans.

Improve Environmental Performance - Monitoring key assets that are both critical to business operations and consume significant energy is the first step to managing change. Go Monitor's integrated sensor and software solutions have the ability to capture valuable environmental measurements and energy efficiency data

Increase Productivity - Go Monitor's solutions can be used to monitor machine performance, utilisation and up-time. By maximising efficiency, and minimising downtime through predictive maintenance, processes can run at peak productivity




Reduce annual energy consumptions  and maintenance costs within the first year


Real-time GPS asset tracking to ensure efficient logistical operations


Reduce annual energy consumption and environmental impact across multiple sites 

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