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Maximum Uptime. Minimum Cost.


Reduce Operating


Reduce Environmental Impact

Increase Resilience

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Go Monitor supply remote monitoring solutions for Data Centres. From internal environmental sensors to monitor HVAC performance and detect water leakage, to external monitoring systems for backup power solutions. Power consumption and power quality can also be measured, ensuring optimal asset health is maintained, while minimising costs and reducing environmental impact. 

  • Improve power resilience

  • Maximise power quality

  • Extend asset life

  • Maximise asset up time

  • Identify potential faults early

  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance visits

  • Dispatch essential maintenance visits more quickly

  • Monitor equipment temperature and humidity

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Integrate with BMS and security systems

  • Proactive maintenance

  • 24/7 monitoring

Go Monitor's industrial telemetry solutions are easily integrated with the various systems needed to keep a data centre running. Capable of aggregating data from multiple sources and manufacturers into one visualisation system. Local and remote staff can monitor and respond to alarms quickly and efficiently. Bespoke websites can be crafted using the Go Monitor Cloud Platform (GMCP). The GMCP stores historical data and can be used to perform detailed analysis to further drive business performance.

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Go Monitor provides a range of options to capture and visualise key data for our partners.  Our robust and bespoke solutions are tailored with the optimum hardware and cloud platform technologies to support our customers and deliver tangible results. Monitoring a range of data centre assets, Go Monitor and our partners can achieve;

Reduced Operating Costs - With instant insight into power quality and anomaly detection, owners and operators can respond to situations rapidly. Resulting in issue resolution before system failure, damage is caused, or uptime is impacted. Maintenance costs will be reduced with data you can trust. 

Reduced Environmental Impact - By ensuring power quality is optimal, energy use will be minimised. Continuity, without waste. Maintenance visits will be reduced resulting in fewer call outs and engineer miles.

Increased Resilience - Power quality monitoring ensures issues with incoming power are spotted early reducing cost and impact. Data can be captured from backup power solutions, ensuring adequate fuel stocks, fuel quality is maintained, generators are serviced correctly and periodic load testing is completed and captured data is reviewed.




Reduce annual energy consumption and maintenance costs within the first year


Fully customised and bespoke  IIOT solutions throughout your supply chain and storefront


Reduce annual environmental impact across multiple sites and improve efficiency

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