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End to End IoT Solutions

Realise operational savings by implementing a data driven approach

We are solution focused IoT engineers with a passion to deliver real world solutions to challenging business problems. Creating dramatic impact and significant savings for our customers.


We specialise in providing end-to-end, bespoke IoT solutions across a wide range of industry verticals; automotive, aerospace, energy, construction, to name a few.


We provide smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, professional and dedicated services.


At Go Monitor we balance a core understanding of the IoT, leveraging new and exciting technologies to support and enable companies to realise dramatic and previously unrealised savings. Contact us today to request a demo.

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Our Story

What We Do

Data Driven Business Intelligence


Using a data driven approach to make better business decisions


Selecting the right hardware and software solutions for the application 


Custom analytics and dashboards to drive operational benefits


Creating long term collaborative relationships.   A true IoT partnership 

Our Values


We want to help our partners become more sustainable, reduce their environmental impact and increase their efficiency. We will always strive to seek out people who care about the things we care about.

Integrity and Ethics

Integrity and Ethics


We will keep ourselves and our partners at the cutting edge, staying up to date with the latest technological advances and finding the best ways to apply what we learn. As you grow and implement new technology, we will be there with you, developing ways to monitor and optimise it.

Innovation and Learning


We want to build partnerships that last. The lowering of costs that result from our service will allow us to grow as businesses, together. The custom nature of what we do means we will always be working in partnership with our clients, rather than just supplying you with a product.

Lasting Collaborations


Our end-to-end solutions might not be simple, but they should feel that way for our partners. We will always strive to minimize the impact of integrating our technology into your business. From day one, choosing to work with Go Monitor will make your life easier, not harder.

Customer Experience


We know that robust and lasting partnerships aren’t built on inferior products. From hardware to cloudware, at every point in our solutions, we will provide you with only the highest quality service.


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Allan West PhD


Allan began his varied career in the military before becoming a researcher in the field of molecular biology and working within pharmaceutical manufacturing. Allan has spent the last two years building a flexible and scalable cloud platform to support future Go Monitor deployments. Specialising in GCP, JSON and node.JS, Allan builds innovative solutions for IoT deployments with powerful insights, scale and intuitive data aggregation in mind. 

Who We Are

GoMonitor headshots chris low res.jpg

Christopher West BEng


With a background in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Chris has 11 years’ experience designing, building and deploying industrial IoT solutions on a commercial scale. Having worked on international deployments with sector leading firms, Chris specialises in the remote monitoring of industrial environments using innovative sensor technologies.

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