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Optimising Construction Assets

Predictive Maintenance -

Fault monitoring

Our Go Monitor Remote condition monitoring solutions are deployed across a range of assets including generators, pumps, compressors and other critical plant equipment. Go Monitor select the right hardware options to provide business critical insights for asset conditions from temperature and energy consumption to GPS and utilisation data.


Visualising compiled data from a range of assets across disparate geographic locations assists our partners in trend analysis and early corrective action through Go Monitor's fault prevention options.


Go Monitor supports our construction and rental industry partners to optimise performance and improve operational resilience, leading to reduced costs. 



Deploying Industry 4.0

IoT - Industry 4.0 - Automation


Live data feeds from our partners' manufacturing processes and industrial equipment are compiled and displayed in Go Monitor's interactive dashboards. This approach creates a unified smart network, connecting systems in an automated manner to empower our partners to gain operational insights that were previously unrealised.


Delivering bespoke and flexible industry 4.0 solutions, in partnership with our diverse range of customers, Go Monitor's approach provides a seamless end-to-end solution which can provide operators and businesses with the tools and ability to take action based on trusted insights.



Reducing Operational Costs 

Usage monitoring - Optimisation - Sustainability

Energy monitoring, regardless of scale is an essential element of any business, not only due to commercial pressures but also because of environmental and social pressures. Go Monitor's approach creates configurable and tailored solutions to enable analysis for large, medium and small premises in any sector or industry.


Providing rapid benefits and insights to businesses of all sizes, Go Monitor's approach of utilising embedded sensors coupled with cloud-based dashboards supports our partners triple bottom line (Commercial, Social and Environmental). Go Monitor is creating optimised solutions to improve operational performances and enable business growth. 

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Remote monitoring 

Connectivity - Predictive Maintenance 

Tracking, planning and remotely monitoring systems empowers our logistics partners to make real-time and business-critical decisions to enhance operations and performance. 

Enhanced connectivity and customised dashboard visualisation allows for data aggregation from a range of sources. Identifying key trends and hidden correlations starts with the ability to capture and adequately present the data in an intuitive format. Higher level analytical techniques provide our partners with a unique and empowered experience.

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Creating dynamic networks

Sensors - IoT - Monitoring

Utilising live data feeds from your buildings through real-time data processing helps our partners to dynamically improve critical infrastructure systems. 

Designing and deploying end-to-end solutions through connecting multiple building systems including HVAC, energy and security aspects into one dashboard helps our partners to minimise costs and avoid intrusive retrofitting of hardware solutions that also incur expensive maintenance regimes.



Quality Enhancements

IoT - Sensors - Alarm monitoring 

From quality control and assurance to ensuring the provenance of key raw materials to finished products, using embedded sensors to monitor processes throughout any value chain can enhance business performance.

Energy monitoring and systems analysis for large, medium and small premises with a diverse range of assets are possible with Go Monitor.

Measuring the effectiveness of each process and aggregating systems together can help inform customers of how to minimise risks and improve quality.



Optimising Asset Resilience 

Sensors - Dashboard - Smart Grid 

Monitoring widely distributed networks from a wide range of asset types is core to our business. Working in partnership with our customers in utilities, Go Monitor's  approach works in an effective and collaborative manner to deliver service led experiences that streamline business solutions.

Serving the utilities industries through creating bespoke and high-impact IoT solutions improves operational resilience and business performance.



Automating & Optimising Processes 

Monitoring - Industry 4.0 - IoT

Automotive engineering, like other manufacturing businesses, relies on complex systems to enable core business functions. Challenges arise when multiple systems have poor interoperability due to manufacturers constraints. Go Monitor's approach supports our automotive partners by providing configurable solutions that simplify complex processes to enhance business functions.

Additional analytics can be intuitively applied and integrated into Go Monitor's platform to provide more tangible business insights, affecting positive change and reducing risks.



Business critical Infrastructure

Alarm - Fault detection - Resilience

Multiple businesses rely on core infrastructure to enable transactions and ensure critical business functions. Providing a secure and seamless mobility of data, in real-time, provides greater confidence to our customers 

Monitoring critical assets using an array of sensing technologies and visualising data in digestible ways provides our partners with insights to trigger actionable tasks.

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