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Go Monitor IoT Hub 4G

Next Generation Hardware


High Spec, with Expansion

4G (LTE) / 3G / 2G

Dual Sim

Sim Switching / Failover Comms

GPS Built In

WiFi (Client mode)

WiFi (Hotspot)

Ethernet (4 Ports)




Modbus TCP

Analog & Digital I/O

Expandable via Modbus (500+ I/O)

Compatible with Go Monitor Cloud Platform

Includes the Go Monitor Cloud Controller

Go Monitor Cloud Controller

Using Linux containers, the Go Monitor IoT Hub 4G is a fully customisable 'on-the-edge' industrial PC.

The processes, logic and software workflows can all be edited from the 'top end'. Allowing us to remotely support, and develop your IoT solution in an agile way.

Integration of new devices such as PLC's, local SCADA, or instrumentation as modbus slaves, can be developed remotely and deployed to site securely, within minutes. 

The Go Monitor Cloud Controller stores data payloads in the event communications are lost. When communications are restored, all logged data is passed to the Go Monitor Cloud Platform.


+44 (0) 2477 340 340

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