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Asset Tracking and Remote Supply Chain Monitoring


Real-Time Asset Tracking

Reduce Unnecessary Maintenance

Supply Chain Data Analysis


Go Monitor supply end-to-end logistics monitoring solutions, from hardware to custom dashboards for visualising your data. Go Monitor support our clients by helping them visualising where every critical asset is, what it is, its progress in real-time and final destination. Go Monitor deploy IoT solutions to maximise efficiencies through:

  • Real-time GPS asset tracking

  • Visualise asset locations on the Go Monitor Cloud

  • Reduce unnecessary deliveries/maintenance through proactive maintenance

  • Remote vehicle fuel level monitoring

  • Bulk fuel level monitoring

  • Bulk liquid level monitoring (Oils/AdBlu/Coolant)

  • Remote alerts in case of thefts or emergencies

  • Improve safety and security and track stolen assets

  • Strategic network planning

  • Operational capacity planning

  • Environmental intelligence and regulation assurance

  • Fleet management 

Go Monitor's IoT solutions can be easily integrated into vehicles, warehouses and other distribution networks to provide a holistic overview of performance. Go Monitor are able to use an array of sensors to remotely monitor and measure key parameters and remotely push this data to our Go Monitor Cloud Platform (GMCP). Additional, higher level analytics can be performed on GMCP to further enhance business operations for logistics.

Go Monitor's bespoke dashboards provide a unique and configurable environment for our partners, allowing them to make real time, critical business decisions.

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By 2021 it's anticipated that companies in the logistics sector will spend over $40 billion on connected products and services to improve their operations and business competitiveness. Go Monitor provides a range of options to capture and visualise key data for our logistics and transport partners. Go Monitor and our partners can achieve;

Reduced Operating Costs -

Data collected via our IoT solution empowers our clients to optimise and validate their planned versus scheduled approach. Aggregating data from load to route planning provides powerful insights for owners and operators to make informed decisions. The data can also help reduce callouts, limit breakdowns, and provide early indication of anomalies to reduce operating costs.

Reduced Environmental Impact - A data driven approach can inform business leaders of critical operating models through visualisation on Go Monitor's custom dashboards, resulting in lower emissions and fewer engineer miles.

Real-Time Asset Tracking - Go Monitor's IoT solutions, from selecting the right hardware, to providing an intuitive and sophisticated visualisation environment, makes real-time GPS asset tracking simple and easy to drive business benefits.




Reduce annual energy consumptions  and maintenance costs within the first year


Fully customised and bespoke  IIOT solutions delivered for factories. Reduced costs, greater efficiency


Reduce annual energy consumption and environmental impact across multiple sites 

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