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LoRaWAN Range

Wireless, Long Range, Long Battery Life

The New EM7

7 in 1 Environmental Sensor

GM EM7.png

Detect movement to understand activity levels

Real time humidity & temperature monitoring

Luminance data for lighting status (LUX)


CO2 concentration levels for indoor air quality


Air quality levels of volatile organic compounds (TVOC)


Barometric pressure variations over time

Easy to Fit, Easy to Scale

Battery powered, no need for wiring or electrical works​

Covers the whole building with long range connectivity​

Deploy up to 2000 sensors on one gateway


Sensors are pre-configured for your application​

New sensors can be added remotely using our VPN

Receive alerts and insights

Compatible with the Go Monitor Cloud for data visualisation

The LoRaWAN gateway supports 4G, WiFi and Ethernet comms

lora example.JPG

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