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1,269 Inputs

Thrilled to announce an order this week for a major Industry 4.0 project in the automotive sector!

We will be deploying the IoT Hub 4G, along with the Go Monitor Cloud Platform to monitor 1,269 data points in the manufacturing environment. Data is coming from a wide range of sources and sensors, the IoT Hub 4G is capable of interfacing with them all.

Alongside data capture we will be providing 24/7 analysis. Presenting Events, Alarms, Reports, Dashboards and Insights. Our core dashboards are going to replace the legacy Andon Boards and provide live insights to the factory floor.

Our client is expanding their capabilities within 24 months, the IoT Hub 4G allows room to grow with even more expandable I/O capacity.

A massive week for the Go Monitor Team, so excited to deliver this project and measure the value delivered to the customer.

Happy Friday All!


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