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LoRaWAN Vibration Sensor

GM-VIB-LoRa is a LoRaWAN wireless condition monitoring sensor integrated with an ARM Cortex-M4 processor, LoRa transceiver, 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor. It balances the wireless bandwidth between GM-VIB-LoRa and the gateway, so it also mitigates the data transmission fail rates between edge-devices and gateways


  • LoRaWAN wireless connectivity

  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor

  • On-board computing. Directly sends VRMS, Peak, Displacement, Kurtosis, Crest factor, Skewness and Standard Deviation values to applications

  • Support battery power supply, no wiring installation needing

  • Easy settings with user friendly interfaces

  • ISO 10816-3 compliant

  • Support wide temperature -20 ~ 80 degrees (battery-powered)

  • IP66 enclosure design

GM-VIB-LoRa is a LoRaWAN uses a star network topology and features a gateway data relay function between sensors and the application server. The communiication between the sensors and gateway goes over the wireless channel, utilizing the LoRa physical layer, whilst the connection between the gateways and the central server are handled over a backbone IP-based network or over Modbus protocol to the application server

Connected to the GOio IoT Cloud Platform


Data can be stored in the GOio IoT Cloud Platform for live remote monitoring, historical readings, analytics or event alarms.

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