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LoRaWAN CO2 Sensor

GM-THCO2-Ext is designed for measuring gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in harsh environments. It is useful in applications where knowing CO2 levels is important, such as greenhouses, building ventilation, and fruit and vegetable storage facilities. The GM-THCO2-Ext also supports temperature, humidity and barometric pressure measurements.

GM-THCO2-Ext 4 in 1 (CO2, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature)

Measuring range from 400 to 5000ppm

Easy installation in any enclosed areas or outdoors

Long-range (LoRaWAN) wireless communication 

Built-in 19000 mAh high-capacity battery can be used for 10 years.

Connected to the GOio IoT Cloud Platform


Data can be stored in the GOio IoT Cloud Platform for live remote monitoring, historical readings, analytics or event alarms.

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