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LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

EM500-PT100 equips with a highly accurate temperature sensor PT100, the platinum resistance temperature detector offers much most stable and precise temperature measurement from -200 to 800°C.


  • Vibration-resistant construction

  • In three-wire circuit

  • Customizable temperature detection range (-200 ~ 800°C)

  • Terminal heads available in straight tube, armoured, SMT, threaded, magnet


  • Easy Configuration with NFC technology

  • Easy Deployment with Wall Mounting/ Pole Mounting/ DIN RAIL

  • IP67 weatherproof and waterproof housing

  • For use in air, water and any benign and corrosive environment (dependent on probe type)

  • Max. 10 years battery life (dependent on use)

  • Milesight offers a wide variety of probes in various configurations

  • The EM500-PT100 resistance thermometer doesn’t require additional calibration

  • Platinum RTD is the most linear, stable and accurate of all RTD’s without measurement errors

Built-in 19000 mAh high-capacity battery can be used for 10 years.

Connected to the GOio IoT Cloud Platform


Data can be stored in the GOio IoT Cloud Platform for live remote monitoring, historical readings, analytics or event alarms.

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