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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Is your workplace adequately ventilated? (Turns out mine isn't!)

While testing a new range of wireless products it's demonstrated how poor the indoor air quality (IAQ) is in my workspace. Opening a window manually solved the problem, but it very quickly returned, and much more quickly than I had anticipated.

High CO2 levels (>600ppm) indicates poor ventilation. As we all return to the office in a COVID world the need to identify and control this has never been more important to your business, and your team members.

High CO2 concentration levels are also linked to drowsiness and a fall in productivity. It's common to receive complaints of stuffiness, incorrectly perceived as an uncomfortably warm temperature, which leads to unnecessary cooling energy being used.

We have a solution which is battery powered, low cost, scalable, and with rapid installation.

Drop me a message for more information.


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