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Data Dashboards
Enterprise Grade Cloud SCADA Enabling Rapid Solution Development

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Insightful Dashboards

Getting Value from Data

The Go Monitor Cloud Platform allows your business to turn data into value. Using a wide range of data sources, custom logic and analytics, dashboards can be quickly created to drive immediate change.

Flexible Integrations

Software Tools for All Applications

The Go Monitor Cloud Platform can capture data from sensors, gateways, PLC's, web services, and various standard API connectors. 

Data can be exchanged with systems using HTTP, MQTT, TCP/UDP, Webhooks and many more.

Automated reporting and alerts are raised with operators using email, SMS, phone calls, or through 3rd party API services.

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Custom Website Experiences

Bespoke Dashboards

Dashboards can be used from our stock range of products, or created specifically for your business and application.

Changes can be made in an Agile format so your dashboard evolves along with your application knowledge. 

Made for Mobile

Suiting site engineers, dashboards and input-forms can be made mobile and tablet friendly. Dashboards can be displayed permanently as Andon Boards, or as support for teams needing live Comm Cell metrics. 

Live Mimics and Overlays

Cloud SCADA Layouts

Data can be presented in various forms, including customised SCADA layouts. Perfect for visualising a whole process end to end, with colour coded fault indicators. 

Access and Hierarchy

Supervisory level permissions can be granted or removed, for sensitive processes, or command and control interfaces.

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Custom Data Indicators

Data Format for the Application

Data can be converted to warning messages, comparisons, trends, colour coded blocks, to best communicate the meaning with the operator.

Database and Reporting

All data is stored in our database, which is exportable to CSV, API, or through our cloud storage integrations with AWS, Azure and GCP

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